Video by Hope Mora

The Wedding of the Waters is an original performance piece produced by Friends of the Buffalo Story and in association with FENGARI Ensemble. It tells the story of the construction and the completion of the Erie Canal in ways never before imagined or conceived.

Featuring a culturally diverse cast of actors, dancers and musicians, The Wedding of the Waters will excite audiences about the history of Buffalo by connecting them to one of the places it was made.

The performance will happen outside; on and around The Ruins and Commerical Slip at Canalside.

The Wedding of the Waters runs each Monday night in August 2016, and is free with special thanks to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation and the William Rupp Foundation for their support.

Concept: James Leaf, Mark Goldman
Directors: James Leaf, Luisa Muhr

Producer: Mark Goldman

Choreography: Luisa Muhr, Erica Aminata Mitchell
Musical Director: Luisa Muhr

Vocal Coach: Luisa Muhr

Costumes: Luisa Muhr, Richie Hunter
Stage Manager: Ralphael Castro

Videography: Hope Mora
With: Steven Baczkowski and 12-8 Path Band, Francesca D'Alessandro, Tiffany DuMouchelle and Aurora Borealis, Christina Foster, Taryn Goehrig, Stonehorse Lone Goeman, Mark Goldman, Erica Aminata Mitchell, Alexandra McArthur, Christopher Ritz, Mike Slattery, Rishone Todd, Molly Vine


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