Courtney began taking classes at The Barrow Group and Theatre for The New City in 2013. She has consistently been involved in work ranging from stage managing to light board operating to performing on stage, where she feels most at home.  Some of her credits include Black Me Out (dir.) Seanie Sugrue, Finding My Way Home (dir.) Michael Vasquez, Truce: The Futuristic Musical for Peace (dir.) Elizabeth Ruff,  Thelonious (dir.) Peter WelchSacred Sow (dir.) Eleanor Cummins, Looking for Cans, (dir.) Joe Davidson, Savage (dir.), and Mary Tierney. Courtney performed various scenes between the LES Festival of the Arts, TNC's Halloween Extravaganza and Artists Without Walls at The Cell Theatre. She made her first short film appearance in Coffee, produced by Through the Lens Entertainment. Art is the guiding force of her life.

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