FENGARI Works  also offers Acting Coaching by Luisa Muhr in private coaching sessions or in a group.
Luisa has been an educator and conducting workshops for about a decade and has experience teaching adults and children, aspiring actors and professionals. Luisa's goal is to help you free your voice, body, and mind in a fun and playful environment by providing discipline and helping you grow.

Be it prepping for a last-minute audition (theater or film), a play you are working on, or simply keeping up your acting skills Luisa will adapt to your level and needs, no matter if you are an adult, a child, a professional or a beginner. 

Luisa has recently designed the first FENGARI Works Workshop Series, a 2-Day Intensive ACTING FOR DANCERS. Contact us for more information.



ACTING FOR DANCERS 2-Day Intensive with Luisa Muhr

Private Coaching session with Luisa


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Luisa has experience in teaching children 0-11 years old, teenagers 12-18 years old, and adults in acting/scene study,  audition/performance technique, voice work, movement, improv, singing, and ensemble skills at any level. Luisa also teaches in German.

Apart from private coaching Luisa has taught as a performing arts teacher and acting instructor at institutions around the world, including the Stagecoach Theatre Art School in Montreal, Canada, w@lz (Vienna Learning Center) in Vienna, Austria, Masibambane College in Johannesburg, South Africa. In New York Luisa was teaching the Acting Enrichment program at the Beford Stuyvesant Collegiate Charter School (Uncommon School) and is currently teaching German through Singing at the United Nations International School (German School).  Luisa was offered by Meredith Monk to teach Monk's work to students in different communities.

Luisa loves working on freeing the voice, body, and mind in a fun and playful environment that still provides discipline and helps her students grow.
In one-on-one sessions Luisa pays close attention to the individual needs of each student and provides guidance, leading the student towards their desired goals and development of their craft.

Want to work with Luisa? - Contact her directly here.

Are you a group of 3 or more people and would like to take a workshop with Luisa, co-founder of FENGARI Works?

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